90% of natural disaster-related deaths occur in poor countries

Last year 337 natural disasters were reported claiming lives of more than 22,452. More than 90 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries, where poverty and lack of resources exacerbate the suffering. Mercy Universal works in many of these countries, preparing for disasters before they happen and responding quickly when they do.

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When disaster strikes, Mercy Universal is there to help.

Disasters and conflict disrupt the lives of millions of people every year. Mercy universal works has supported projects in many countries around Earthquake reliefthe world, so we are able to respond to emergencies fast and make sure help gets to where it is needed most.

For example when earthquake hit Kashmir 2005 Mercy Universal was the first to reach with help and the only organisation that reached the most inaccessible part of the state.

Mercy Universal strategy

The first strategy is to meet people’s basic needs, including food, water, sanitation, shelter and health care. Mercy Universal emergency capacity – funds, resources, volunteers, staff and partner organisations – allows us to provide fast, effective assistance.

Second strategy is to tackle the long-term problem. Mercy Universal expands its income generation programmes to distribute livestock, seeds, tools, and more. This helps people rebuild their lives and sustains them in the long-term.

Third strategy is to reduce vulnerability to emergencies by working with communities to help them become better at predicting, preparing for and responding to disasters like floods, food shortages and conflict related emergencies. Because when emergencies, like drought or conflict, happen repeatedly it is difficult for people to work and support their families. This puts them at greater risk in the future, making them less able to cope when an emergency strikes. For vulnerable communities, any disaster can be catastrophic.

KYE_0008.JPGFourth strategy: After an emergency Mercy Universal moves from emergency relief to recovery to ensure that communities are not dependent on hand-outs, but are able to help themselves. For example, in Kashmir following the devastating floods mercy Universal provided food, water and shelter to those in need. But we also supported with income generation scheme to help people re-establish their livelihoods.

Please give to our Emergency Relief Fund. This helps us ensure that money is available immediately in a disaster.