In 2015 there are an estimated 259 million widows worldwide. Widows are among the most vulnerable parts of the community. Many of these women and their children are malnourished, exposed to disease, and subjected to extreme forms of deprivation and social injustice. Widows in developed countries face social isolation and commonly live with severe insecurity and poverty due to lack of affordable health care and employment.

However, the worst is when your husband is missing but not declared dead, the case of many Kashmiri women whom their husbands have been arrested by the Indian forces and never came to know their where about or if they still a life or not.

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In Islam, taking care of widows is considered a very high form of charity. According to Sahih Bukhari the Prophet once said: “The one who looks after and works for a widow and for a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah’s cause.” Inspired by this Hadith, Mercy Universal gives special attention to support widows and orphans.


Mercy Universal provides free food to the widows and their families on monthly basis. Not only that, they are part of our income generation and vocational trainings.

Please help us to help poor widow mothers and their families.