Being able to care for an orphan is indeed one of the greatest blessing from Allah, as it brings us closer to our beloved prophet (pbuh).  The fruits of being a sponsor are unimaginable.

Mercy Universal understands that sponsoring an orphan is rewarding but also challenging, it is not a one off responsibility but a long time commitment.

To ensure we cater for all the needs of an orphan, we work with our partner charities in Kashmir ensuring your sponsorship provides the best for the child.


A well balanced 3 meals are day are served everyday to pupil. Meals are prepared fresh and include breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Children living in orphanages are provided with full free education. The schools provide both modern as well as Islamic education. Subjects including Maths, Physics, English, Chemistry, Biology, IT and Language are taught to all students. Many orphans have continued with their studies after completing GCSE equalant and few have even attained scholarships to pursue their degrees and higher education.

Living Accommodation

All our orphanages include a well maintained temperature controlled accommodation. Orphans are provided shared accommodation with children of same age and gender. Clothes, Mattress, blankets, pillows,and other living requirements including wardrobes and study desks.

Health Care

Children at these orphanages are provided with medical care as well as health care to ensure they grow healthy.  Orphanages are equipped with sports facilities to ensure health lifestyle.

Over 200,000 orphans are present in Jammu & Kashmir alone.

Thank You For Helping Us To Look After 1000s Of Orphans In Kashmir

Orphan In Kashmir
Orphan In Kashmir
Orphan In Kashmir
Orphan In Kashmir